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Dr. Vishuddhanand Swami, PhD in Astrology, has been actively involved in Yoga, Sadhana and rituals along with establishing Chandi Sadhana Parivar since 2006.

Yoga and Sadhana have played a very important role since our ancient times. There is mention of astrology, yoga, sadhana and rituals in the Vedas and how by following them, life style can be made strong and easy. Countless diseases and physical ailments can be avoided through yoga.

Dr. Vishuddhanand Swami benefits people by organizing Maun Sadhana, Kamakhya Puja, Das Mahavidya, Bagla Mukhi ritual, Chandi Sadhana Hawan etc. through Chandi Sadhana Pariwar. With 18 years of experience, Dr. Vishuddhanand Swami conducts regular yoga practice and rituals in his ashram and is well versed in astrology and is playing a leading role in social service.

When it comes to basic needs, there is food, clothing and shelter. These give happiness. Astrological remedies play a major role in life, because the planets influence all of us.

Why Astrology

Happiness and sorrow keep coming and going. None of us can always have a good time, we experience both hardships and blessings in our life. The effects of suffering and bad times lead us towards astrologers and astrology.

Astrologers are scientists who work on the position of planets as per the horoscope to provide solutions to deal with the difficulties of life. To live a happy life and be successful, hard work and determination are required along with being favorable to fate.